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who do u want to win....

2009-02-06 15:24:33 by smaker45

who do u want to win this years tank awards?

i love art in the play ground thats the best... :D

hay have a look at my up coming skater animation most of my insperation is from the awsome marcy vf and tommy vf have a look a there animations at the bottom in my favriots,

the name of it will be "sk8 for life".

thanks marcy vf for the sounds u and tommy rock.........

who do u want to win....


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2009-02-27 14:20:03

Hmmm.... I don't really know, haven't taken a look at this years nomineeeeees :0

(Updated ) smaker45 responds:

yea i wonder why ur not up there? i mean come on people look at how kool marcy vf is come people ur looking at a winner...............