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my new flash again

2008-07-07 02:08:24 by smaker45

pk my very frist flash aniamtions were blamed =( but i took what people said and made this one better hope you like it?


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2008-07-07 02:18:09

I never saw your first Flash Animation, but you should try to put more toward the flash. I know it was all about the guy running. But it's kind of boring to watch. Go look around at flash videos and see whats cool. Then watch yours and realize how boring it is. Try to have fun with it, spice it up, get interesting ideas. Don't just show a person crawling out of the screen or walk around. Instead throw action in, dialog. Anything that'll get people interested. Because your Flash almost could be referred to that phrase "I'd rather watch paint dry".


2008-07-07 09:48:10