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hay look at this.

2008-04-23 04:30:39 by smaker45

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hay look i don't have flash so i use powerpoint. i've done heaps. here is a pic of my newest one hope you like it peace out guys. hay do any of you guys play c.o.d 4 well heres some awsome clithes.
and down at the bottom there is a vidoe on how to animate the feet in madness. a new one of these will be out every time i up date my post. ps that guy at the biegining isnt me.
( The key to making madness dudes look good is shading, thats a tip for noobs ).

HI again the new bf 2142 patch is its v. 1.50 . you cand downlaod it from the bf website.

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hay look at this.


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2008-05-04 04:39:50


smaker45 responds:



2008-05-16 01:13:00

Pretty nice, but don't you draw anything else? Own characters?



2008-05-16 07:21:35

OMG!! ur just like me! when i don't have flash i use powerpoint (when i was small) :3
i'm 13 now and i use Flashh


2008-06-28 02:51:22

i think we all used power point

smaker45 responds: